Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warriors outlast Blue Eagles

The University of the East Red Warriors proved steadier in the clutch as the Recto based squad squeaked past the Ateneo Blue Eagles 72 – 68 to add to the woes of the injury riddled Blue Eagle squad.  As with my previous posts, I think that the only way to get back from a 1 – 4 record is to describe  the game like movie sequels. Here are some movie sequels about the  recent Ateneo loss.

    1.      THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – THE UE RED WARRIORS: After an almost humilliating loss to the Adamson Falcons, the RED Warriors vented their vengeance on the Blue Eagles.  UE Center Charles Mammie was a monster on the boards getting 12 boards off the offensive end and translating most of it to points that spelled the doom for the Eagles. Since Raf Olivares and Chris Javier didnt score much, it was the surprised package  Dan Alberto (Dan Who?) who was surprised that most of his shots went in, he went on to score 14 points. 

       2.      DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE - THE ATENEO BLUE EAGLES:  Yeah we lost, but this year’s Blue Eagles are relentless in coming back and hard to put away.  Just like John McClane who was hard to kill in the movie, the Blue Eagles fell behind but came back but unfortunately wasnt able to finish the job.  Although we lost, this kind of attitude will help the team and eventually lead to wins in future games. 

   3.      THE MUMMY RETURNS – CHARLES MAMMIE –  Imohthep is really hard to  STOP.   Look at his statline – 20 points and 23 rebounds! According to the UAAP Stat books the last time a UAAP cager did that was more than 7 years ago by the league MVP.  Coming off two consecutive losses with the last one with him suspended, Mammie came out strong as he willed the winds and rains inside the MOA Arena for him to get the rebounds and in the end, made one last spell - for the his free throws to sink for them to secure their second win. Tell everyone the UAAP that after his suspension, the Mammie Returns!

4.      THE BOURNE SUPREMACY : KIEFER RAVENA – Coach Bo must figure out a way to let him remember how he used to play.  Just like Jason Bourne, Kiefer is hampered with amnesia, he can’t seem to remember how good he once played. I hope that on the way to the next few games he slowly recuperates and remembers that he is head and shoulders the best player in the league.

      5.      PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL : RYAN BUENAFE –  I am beginning to feel that this year, our team is cursed.  First it was Erram, then Capacio, Porter, Babilonia, then Von, then Kiefer and now its Ryan’s turn to get injured. The spain he had eventualy hampered his abilities to play in the second half and as the leading scorer it was hard to help out on getting those defensive rebounds.

    6. THE LOST WORLD: JURRASIC PARK - OUR BIG MEN - GOLLA/ERRAM/ENRIQUEZ – Well, they don’t come from Africa with well chiselled bodies and they are as Pinoys as you can get. But their heart to fight off the African invasion is bordering to heroism specially with the way they sacrifice their bodies. Funny thing though, this is the first time we have no big men to match up with the 6-8 big men around the league. Hope it wont be a lost world for the Blue Eagles

  7.      IRON MAN 3: JUAMI TIONGSON plays the role of Tony Stark since the Blue Eagles were torn apart by the Warriors, he started an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.  To bring the Eagles back on track. He went 4 for 4 from beyond the arc in the third quarter that erased a 31 - 46 deficit that set up Pessumal’s trey to tie the count at 54 and the end of three to complete the Blue Eagle comeback. I hope as the Ironman he will continue to rain down threes.

8.      THE NAKED GUN 2 ½: THE SMELL OF FEAR - ROI SUMANG: Sumang has been aptly dubbed as the Recto Revolver. As we very well know his explosiveness is quite the reason why the Red Army is doing well since the Unigames.  In this game, Sumang went on to score in the five points in the first was quiet for 2 ½ quarters and eventually scored another five in crunch time to lift the Red Warriors once again. Where Sumang brings the Red Warriors, the others follow.

    9.      LETHAL WEAPON 2 – VON PESSUMAL. As displayed in this game, the Blue Eagle’s offense does not run on Kiefer, Juami, Ryan and Chris only, Von is a Lethal Weapon too.  Von scored 12 points and also helped out on defense.  I am quite excited on the player he will be this season. Hoping for more ball touches to another lethal weapon in the making.

    10.  ACE VENTURA – WHEN NATURE CALLS:  THE REFEREES: Since the DLSU loss the team has been on a series of bad calls from referees. As a result the lone big gun in the game Juami Tiongson was whistled for his fifth foul which eventually spelled doom for the Blue Eagles.   With these calls, another Jim Carrey comes to mind on the bashing the referrees receive “the Mask!”Guys – “Somebdoy stop me!”(or i’ll hit the refs!)

The scores:
UE (72) – Mammie 20, Sumang 14, Alberto 14, Casajeros 8, Noble 7, Olivares 5, Santos 2, Javier 2, Olayon 0, Sumido 0, Jumao-as 0, Guion 0.

Ateneo (68) – Tiongson 17, Pessumal 12, Ravena 11, Newsome 10, Elorde 5, Golla 4, Buenafe 4, Erram 3, Asuncion 2, Tolentino 0, Lim 0, Enriquez 0, Capacio 0.

Quarterscores: 18-12, 37-31, 54-54, 72-68.

Thanks to Philip Sison for the wonderful pictures posted at the FB page of the Ateneo Sports Shooters, Fabilioh

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