Thursday, July 4, 2013

Win or Lose, this is the Ateneo Way!

 still belieVIng

While listening to the eulogy of a friend who recently died, I told my High School  classmate Bong Berbano that in the event that my time comes, and he will be talking in front about me, I want him to say that I want  to be remembered for the three things I love! I said that the three things I love deeply and passionately starts with my family, then comes my work and lastly there's my undying love for the Ateneo Blue Eagles! That is why when our beloved Blue Eagles lost a heart breaker yesterday my world stopped for five minutes then after refocusing I was okay again and ready to face the world. Here are some tips, stories or simply just things you can do or share on how to handle a 0 – 2 season start.

GO Blue Eagles

1.  IT’S NOT HOW YOU START BUT HOW YOU END IT – talk about slow starts. In 2003 we started 0 -2 but still made it to finals. In 2006 we started 6 – 0 but lost steam. In 2002 we were 4 – 5 at one point and ended up winning the title. It’s not the start, but in previous years a great start helps the team a lot.  In 1994 we started 0 – 6 and if not for a Red Camua basket we would have been 0 - 7 in the first round that year. In 1979 we never got things started since we were 0 -12.

When will he really play?

2.  LET’S PLAY WITH WHAT WE HAVE – WE CAN WIN WITHOUT KIEFER RAVENA – If you think we can win without Kiefer then you must be kidding me. Yes we can but not all games. If the UP Maroons have 7 teams then we should be shoo – ins for the final four but honestly we have to win more games before he finally heals. Kiefer is the big difference we have against all the pretenders and he needs to be there to energize the team, pass, score and win. MORE ENERGY MAS HAPPY! Let us have faith on the team whoever plays with or without KR.

Coach Sandy and Coach Bo

3.      PUSH – (Pray Until Something Happens) HERE WE GO AGAIN aren’t we supposed to have endured the time when all we do is blame the coach and every player. Let us trust our coaches and players and let them do what they are supposed to do. We are not coaches so let’s stop saying why didn’t he do this and why did he do that. Now if you can answer that question might as well apply for the coaching job. Let us also pray for the walking wounded of the Hail Mary squad.
4.BE PREPARED – There are 10 seconds to go and we are down one point and have no more timeouts. WHEN all is lost, throw a ballpen on the court, it might lead to Victory…or a pentel pen.

"Mary for you ..."

5.      LET US CHEER WHEN WE ARE DOWN and DON’T LEAVE UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS – Very reminiscent of the Miami fans, I think if the team loses and you did not even get hoarse cheering, its best you watch the next game on television so that you won’t jinx the Blue Eagles once again. Chances are you are just there for the ride and not for the long haul. And don’t even dare to leave while our opponent is leading by 20 points.   We watch to cheer for the team and not to take pictures while watching just so you have something to post in your twitter or FB account.

What's a nice RB nickname? Can you think of one?

6.      THINK OF GREAT NICKNAMES FOR OUR PLAYERS - From the time athletes represented the Ateneo in the NCAA, the old monicker has always been a part of describing players which sometimes stick to them until they have retired. Here are some SUGGESTIONS and the players themselves can adapt or drop their suggested nicknames, alias or monicker. Let’s categorize them: 
RHYMING NAMES or SOUNDS LIKE:  Chris “Awesome” Newsome, Fran “Action” Asuncion, Frank “the Crank” Golla, Ivan “Dalizer” Enriquez, Earl “the Twirl” Murphy, Vince “the Rinse” Tolentino, An “Taunt” Assistio
GIVE AN ALIAS: Kiefer “The Phenom/Blue Mamba” Ravena,  Gboy “Universal Shoulder” Babilonia, Von “Baby”Pessumal or LeVon “James” Pessumal, Nico Elorde “Tugade” or  Nico “the Plus” Elorde
HAVE AN NBA SLANT NICKNAME: Juami “Magic” Tiongson, JP “the Erram-Tula”, Matthew “Gwynne-Sanity” Capacio,
JUST FOR LAUGHS: Isaac “Lolo” Lim (You know that Help is on the way), MIGHTY RYAN Buenafe. Because like what people say, in offense “May Tira yan!” and on defense “May Tinira Yan!” Fits him.

Going for the sixth

7.      THINK OF SIX PEAT SLOGANS – By the time you read would’ve read this blog we would have won our sixth title so what’s a nice Six-peat theme?   Last October I’ve thought of Anim-oh Ateneo but someone had the same idea and posted it in the forums right away. I also came out with the infamous FIX the SIX and the Fellow6 of the ring. My good friend AA Aquino thought that still believing is also a good 6-peat slogan. What’s yours?

8.      LET THE PLAYERS DO THE TALKING – After getting hit by NU’s Jeoffrey Javilonar and having his nose bloodied, Nico Elorde responded by scoring eight straight points on two three pointers and a jumper. After getting treated, Elorde ALLEGEDLY SAID “I got this guys! Count on me!” Then his nose bled again and the rally happened.  We need this kind of spunk and scoring from Nico Elorde so let him do the talking.

32/3 < 10 

9.        IT IS ALL IN THE MIND - WE HAVE TO SCORE: – Because of social media, the Ateneo Coaching Staff is figuring out a way to score less than 10 points per quarter but still come out with 32 points after three quarters. If you have the answer to this equation kindly email me.

10.  LET US BE THANKFUL OF OUR BLESSINGS – When we lost to UST in 2006 my co-hosts asked me why wasn’t I sad? I said, during the dark ages (90’s) we ate losses for breakfast. Imagine being at the other end of a 30 point rout? A win or a loss in basketball should not define our world, as LeBron James said “Win or lose, it’s just a game of basketball!” But it would not hurt if we would be on the winning end.

Fight Blue & White

May it be a 0 – 2, 0 -3 or 0 – 7 start, only one fact remains, WIN or LOSE, I am here to support the Blue Eagles! I pray they play well regardless if they play good or bad, to me the result will just be a bonus because to me what is important is that they gave their all.  I was thrilled to watch the Ateneo win 4 Juniors titles when we were in High School and another two more Seniors titles in college. Then I was humbled to watch during the dark ages of the Ateneo basketball as our “Donut team” lost for years until the sun came shining in 2002. To me, the Blue Eagles is Ateneo’s representation of our community and through joys and tears to the laughing and crying years we will remain strong and cheer on as the Hail Mary squad takes the court. To the Ateneo community - Let’s fight for the Blue and White.

Thanks to (specially Philip Sison) for the great pictures.


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Basketball lang yan pare, relax lang. Di ka mapapakain ng basketball. Di rin makakatulong sa kahirapan.

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Great article! :)