Sunday, August 31, 2008

SPIRAL Restaurant at the Sofitel

They say it’s really great to have friends who treat you on their natal day and let you indulge in one of the best restaurants in town. A lot of people have been saying that if money is no object then one of the best buffets in town is the one at the SOFITEL Hotel which used to be called the Westin Philippine Plaza- the Restaurant's name is SPIRAL. The buffet includes dishes that are Meditteranian, Korean, Chinese,Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, American, Italian, Indian and many more just try to see what happened to me.

This is my first plate which consists of prawns, tuna sashimi, tuna maki, california maki, and a load full of my favorite - salmon.

Not content I tried another recipe similar to gambas, some grilled prawns, lechon, kani, steak that is medium rare and some lamb chops.

The theme for the third dish is Chinese with some dumplings, tempura, and a mixture of chinese goose wrapped in lumpia wrapper and also some peking duck.

After a few chomps I went back to the japanese table and got some salmon again and Baba added a slice of sumptuous eel to give additional flavor to what I got.

There were a lot of nice desserts but I decided to get a mango crepe which had chocolate syrup on it to give it another distinct taste.

I remember that the first time I saw Nella, Baba's sister, she was just in grade six. Now she is a fashionista.

Monique, Mark and I shared a lot of laughs and stories as we tried to give each other tips on what to eat and what is nice to have. Honestly, I got fed up talking about all that food!

Atty. Coco Dimayuga, one of Baba's buddies from College to Law school to after work was also there. I haven't seen him for almost two years. We missed the parties at their house. (hint, hint)

The variety of the food is quite great and the everything is simply one of a kind.
Times change and so do appetites. Buffets like these would definitely be a piece of cake for me, pardon the pun, but unfortunately four plates of food just shows that I have tapered off.

I thank my good Friend Atty. Milagros “Baba” San Jose who invited me for the second time around here in this place which houses the best meals in town. Its been twenty years since we started dating in High School...ooops wrong girl, since we became friends rather. She is really a dime a dozen! Here is to hoping that she will invite me back again next time. Happy Birthday Baba.


John said...

how much is the buffet at Spiral Restaurant?

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