Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Clone wars was just another chapter in the never ending saga of the force. It’s a good thing that the movie was made in animation since there were really some things that I believe were good in animation. Unfortunately the story line if you put it was just a simple save the huttlet plot. The story is somewhat STAR WARS 2.5 if you would remember that the second editon of the movie ended with General Kenobi discovering the cloned army but when the third edition of the movie started it was already in the middle of the clone wars.

A lot stories can be made about the war but this time as always Anakin Skywalker takes centerstage again with another character Ashoka Tano, a young kid who is Anakin’s padawan learner. Imagine the hot headed and rebellious person that he is Anakin is given someone with which he shares his learnings. And like him, Ashoka is also belligerent, does things first without thinking and is always emotional.

STAR WARS has always brought in new characters everytime they have a new saga, most notable character besides Ashoka is Asajj Ventress, another one of the Count Dokku’s trusted assassins. Trained to duel with dual light sabers Ventress is just like Darth Maul in the phantom menace. If this movie would have not been an animation I would have casted Angelina Jolie for this role. At the same time the separatists army robots were all humorous which was something not seen in the other Star Wars movies.

In the end, watching Star Wars even in animation is a joy. I believe that there are a thousand and one stories that one can write in this saga to which I commend George Lucas. Hope there will be another one like it.

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