Monday, August 11, 2008

Basketball Crazy Episode 4

The fourth episode of Basketball Crazy started with a technical glitch which made the network start the show again. It was like dejavu as we opened once again with our usual spiels and then mentioned our basketball moment of the week. The show continued with the usual segments like Round Robin and Don’t hate the player hate the game. Then the interviews came.


These Cardinals are quite a happy bunch and enjoy each other’s company. Led by NCAA MVP Kelvin dela Peña, the Cardinals are just lost their last game and will now face the Red hot red lions who blew them away on opening day. Kelvin has been in a lot of criticisms lately and he said that he has been playing with back spasms which affected his play. The other MVPs (Mapua Varsity Players) mentioned that Mark receives a lot of flak from Coach Leo Isaac. At the same time Kelvin said that in order for them to improve in the next round their defense and rebounding has to go up a notch. Neil added that commitment to the team is also something imbibed by Coach Leo who himself was a former king cardinal. There were a lot of laughing moments and kidding around and in the end they guys were still optimistic of their chances and hope that they climb back to the final four and improve their chances.


I have loved seeing Wynne play eversince I saw him playing for the Laguna Lakers back then. Now that he is with the Air 21 team they have a chance to win the PBA this conference. Wynne mentioned that their team lost game 1 because they were just happy to be in the finals. Then suddenly they shifted gears and thought that they might even have a chance to win it all. This led them to win by a big margin against the Gin kings which was followed up by another win in game 3. Steven, besides the usual basketball questions also mentioned that he enjoys his stay in the country and the reason why he came back after trying out for the Cleveland Cavaliers is that he is a man of his word.

Wynee was put on the spot when Tracy asked him if he feels any pressure playing since his wife is the daughter of the Air 21 big boss. Wynne retorted that in a way its not really a pressure and that his inclusion in the team however has nothing to do with that relationship and that he is also a contributor to the team which I believe is also true. Good luck to the Air 21 team and hope you succeed.

The show ended with schedules of games and a bet by Joe and Me on the Letran and JRU in which Joe picked JRU and yours truly Letran. Lets see what happens in basketball crazy.

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