Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wanted: High Impact action movie

His boss picks on him all the time, his bestfriend sleeps with his girlfriend, he drinks prescription pills to calm down the anxietyu attacks that he gets and he is broke. This is the life that Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) lives but all of this changed when he met Fox (played by real life Fox Angelina Jolie).

Gibson’s father is an assassin and was killed in one of their hits. Fox goes to Gibson which was made exciting with a shoot out at a convenience store and car chase. Gibson meets Sloan (Morgan Freeman) who in turn explains to him that his father was killed and that he was summoned to take his place and kill his father’s tormentor. Sloan further explains that they are a group of assassins named “The Fraternity” whose motto is “Kill one and save a thousand!” Gibson was invited by Sloan to join the group.

Gibson returns home, wakes up and thought that all that happened was just a dream, unfortunately, in one night his life changed which caused him to flip and shout at his boss. He then joined the fraternity and was trained by Fox and their team so that he will be ready to avenge his father by killing his killer Cross (Thomas Kretschman).

When Gibson finally meets Cross, the story takes a sudden twist which makes the movie very interesting and the story quite different. I laud the producers for making this movie quite different from other action movies. One thing I like is that me as the one watching the movie is constantly thinking as the movie progresses and the story’s unpredictability makes it unique. Kudos to the Producers and Director of this movie for a good story and powerhouse cast.

The film’s Director Timur Bekmambetov has done it again. He gained international notice by turning low budget one of a kind movies in Russia into blockbusters. Producer Mark Platt came across Mark Millar and JG Jones’ comic book series “Wanted” and thought that it had good potential to become a movie, so with some tweaking of the story they merged with Bekmambetov who they thought can create a masterpiece with a good budgeted movie. This is a movie worth watching.

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