Friday, June 13, 2008

The Incredible Hulk 2008

Change of actors & change of scenery gives you a change of character for the Incredible hulk. Yeah the jolly green giant looks the same but the portrayal of Dr. Bruce Banner was somewhat different. Ever since I watched Edward Norton in the movie Primal Fear I have liked the way he acts and how he brings about his character. This movie isn’t any different. Getting Norton showed that Dr. Banner has become different from the previous Dr Banners we know. (Eric Bana and Bill Bixby) This time, his character has seen what the Hulk can do so what he did was to find ways and means to counter his anger or for that matter look for alternative ways for his anger to subside. The movie opens with Dr. Banner working in Brazil and is constantly finding a cure on how he can counter the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells. He has been living a simple life for the past five years and is only coordinating with a single scientist known only to him as Mr. Blue. Together they share their thoughts on how Banner can find a cure through encrypted messages that they send each other. Banner has been very careful so that the military won’t know his whereabouts until finally he made a mistake that prompted the military to hunt him down.

The film is loaded with so much action most particularly the ones that included the Hulk and the military. Imagine an array of bullets and other military ammunition thrown at the Hulk and he just came out unscathed but exhausted from the battle. I have always liked Liv Tyler but I believe Jennifer Connelly has a lock on the character of Dr. Elizabeth Ross. His father Gen. Thunderbolt Ross was played by William Hurt and I believe he also gave a good performance. The new character that comes on hand is Tim Roth who plays Emil Blonsky, a KGB agent and spy who in the end became the Hulk’s enemy as Blonsky was transformed into what they call “The Abomination.” Their fight, mano a mono is a thing of beauty.

Like in the previous Hulk film, Lou Ferrigno made a cameo once again as a security guard. Robert Downey Jr. also made a cameo as Tony Stark, whose role is right about the same as what Samuel L. Jackson did in Iron Man. Fortunately one doesn’t have to end the credits to see him. Overall its worth watching and enjoying, but then after the movie the first question that will come out of your mind is, when will the movie “The Avengers” come out?

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