Sunday, June 29, 2008

Manny Pacquiao knocks out Diaz in 9th round

It was like game 6 of the Celtics vs. Lakers series, everyone was anticipating a brawl that had both protagonists slug it out “mano a mano,” unfortunately the bout ended in a rout. Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao was the aggressor the whole bout as he pummeled WBC Lightweight champion David Diaz for eight rounds until he finally knocked him out by the ninth round. You can liken Diaz to a punching bag as he was like a steady immovable force in the middle, that’s why Pacquiao had an easier time hitting him. Diaz in an interview after said that it was Pacquiao’s speed that got him. He said that he can see the punches, unfortunately "It was all his speed. I could see the punches perfectly but he was just too fast. In the meantime, kudos to David Diaz, with Pacquiao hitting him hard from the first quarter, he had the heart to stay in the game until his disastrous 9th round surrender. In the end, you could not even distinguish him from cartoon hero Shrek! It was said that Pacquiao was ahead on the judges scorecards in all 9 rounds!

Experts said that Pacquiao three 788 punches to Diaz's 463. Pacquiao's jab was a thing of beauty and his boxing skills has immensely improved since coming out as a 106 pound brawler 13 years ago. Pacquiao's 180 power shots connected hurt the champion the most and eventually these power shots took its toll on Diaz.

In winning this bout, the Pacman added the Lightweight title to his list of accomplishments that makes him the first Asian to win four World Titles in Four different weight classes namely the Flyweight (112 llbs), Junior Featherweight (122 lbs) and Junior lightweight crown (130 lbs).

Imagine that in his first bout as a lightweight he made mincemeat of the champion- the question now is who’s next. Congratulations Manny Pacquiao, THE FILIPINO NATION IS VERY PROUD OF THE YOU!

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