Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slimmers World Bikini Philippines 2008

Pearl Kelly (left) and Maria Elena Lopeña took the Ms. Slimmers World Bikini Philippines-International and Bikini Philippines-World titles respectively at the PICC last May 25. Imagine, their winnings were 400k (Lopena) and 300k (Kelly) respectively! WOw that's the best way to keep your body fit. Aside from that they will represent the Philippines in a similar competition before the year ends. (Watch it tonight at Studio 23 at 11PM)

One thing different in this competition is the Creative posing portion which I enjoyed a lot. It was a pity I opted not to watch the Pre Pageant in which everyone showed their best creative pose. The candidates were given the chance to show creative poses while an upbeat song was playing. This is the only Beauty Pageant I know of that does that.

One of my favorites with the creative posing part was the winner and one of the ten finalists Hannah Leah Pasadug who is shown here internalizing and showing to the public her sexy poses in this portion. I was literally drooling as she exited to the backstage.

Martin Nievera serenaded the girls with a medley of his most popular love songs which included one of my faves " You are my song!" His performance gave elegance to the show. Unfortunately, this was the only time I did not watch Martin Nievera sing.

That's me with my neighbor who happens to be Ms. Tourism Queen International 2006 Title Holder and one of the judges, Ms. Justine Gabionza. She is also a well known commercial model and former varsity volleybelle from UST.

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