Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boston wins at home 88-79

The Boston Celtics home cooking seems to be a mystery to visiting teams as they beat the Detroit Pistons with a lot to spare 88-79. Kevin Garnett scored 8 of his game high 26 while Paul Pierce scattered 7 points in the third quarter as the Celts created more space from a slim 41-40 advantage into a 69-57 lead at the end of three.

Rip Hamilton was the only bright spot for the Pistons in the third quarter as he heated up and hit four jumpshots and a lay up. Unfortunately Hamilton also gave the ball thrice in that period. From thereon it was catchup for the Pistons as the last time they threatened was at 73-79 with 4:14 left after Billups scored on a jumper. Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo presided over the Boston wind up as they scored Boston's last 9 points to put the Beantown busters to their first Eastern conference win in a long time.

Detroit’s long lay off did not help them much as Boston started like a house on fire with an 8-0 lead. The Pistons shot a measly 42.4% to Boston’s 52.2%.

As they say the Pistons get tougher after a loss so expect Game 2 to be a nail bitter with bodies thrown and tempers flaring. As for me, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the games.

This is the reason Boston won!

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