Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Just like the sequel of a monumental blockbuster, all the ingredients of the previous movies were there but was done with a different perspective. As one critic would say it, everything was back there: “the pulpy plot, the sepia maps, the ridiculous bad guys, the cobwebby skeletons, and the cataclysmic, paranormal whirlwind at the climax.” All these ingredients were once again present.

For one, the 2nd World War was over and the movie is set in 1957 many many years after Indy got an autograph from the Fuhrer, but now its the cold war and the dark side is ruled by the Soviets. Just like any Indiana Jones movie, the film starts with an action scene that rocked the movie house. The movie opens in the sweltering heat of the Nevada desert where the Soviets disguised as american soldiers invade the weapons testing site of the USA. Indiana enters from the trunk of a car, exits on a rocket engine and closes out the movie's wildly action packed introduction coming out of a lead refrigerator that plummeted in the air with the mushroom cloud as his background.

In Raiders you saw thousands of snakes, here it was a battalion of giant ants. In the Temple of Doom, there was a will car chase where Short Round seen driving for Indiana, the scene resurfaced with a little twist of fencing. In the last Crusade Indy had to go through a maze of clues to get to the Holy Grail which is also seen here when Indy got through the clues laid down enroute to the climax of the movie.

My favorite character is Oscar winner Cate Blanchett who plays the Soviet Agent Irina Spalko. In Elizabeth she was the Queen with the British accent, now she portrays her character with a strong Ukranian accent that fits her role to the letter It’s as if she is really a Soviet.

In the end I all was simply very predictable, all I was waiting for was for Sigourney Weaver to come out. But then again the method by which everything was presented is what made the movie very exciting. I think no one plays Henry Jones Jr. or Indiana Jones better than Harrison Ford and unsatisfied as I may sound, the movie is still worth watching.

Mhel Garrido watching the movie Indiana Jones (picture above)
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