Monday, May 5, 2008

Macau - Asia's new Las Vegas

After occupying it for 442 years the Portugese govenrment returned Macau to the Chinese government in 1999. Macau history says that gambling was legalized here in 1847 and by the year 1962 the Portugese government granted Hongkong native Stanley Ho the gaming monopoly in Macau which lasted for 39 years.

In the year 2002, three years after China got back Macau from Portugal, their Chinese government allowed ended Stanley Ho's monopoly by allowing other casino licenses to other casino operators. Because of that Las Vegas casino magnates started to build Macau counterparts of hotels and casinos. As of 2007, The total number of hotel rooms available in Macau exceeded 16,000 rooms, 12,000 slot machines, 4000 gaming tables, around 22 Million annual visitors and almost 7 billion in gambling revenues which exceeds the almost 6 Billion gambling revenues of Las Vegas.

I am just lucky to be here and explore this wonderful place. More to comet about Macau.

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Aileen Apolo said...

So lucky!!! So did you win anything?