Thursday, May 1, 2008


IRON MAN fanatics will truly Marvel at this movie. I myself know of the character but was never really a follower. I am the typical Justice League follower that has Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Having IRON MAN in a movie is a great idea since i heard of the movie two years ago and when I watched this evening at Glorietta 1 I believe the long wait is worth it.

Throw away the fact that the movie is kinda fictional and close to fantasy. Imagine creating a suit that must've weighed tons and still look kinda agile? The effects made in this movie is a thing of beauty. What really caught my eye are the "high tech " gadgets, one of a kind software applications and unique super computers with artificial intelligence that was shown in the movie. It got me to think that how many years are we away from this technology. Unfortunately it made me say - not in a hundred years! But that's just me. Honestly it got me excited that in the future these computers will be available in the country.

As I mentioned I am not really a follower of Iron Man and was a bit unhappy with Robert Downey as the lead actor. But then again, if Tony Sparks is the billionaire asshole that he wants to be known for then i guess he was tailor fitted for the movie. In a scene that involved sincerity in his words I was kinda left dumbfounded for he didn't even look half as close as convincing.

To make a long story short, I will still recommend the movie to a lot of people since a lot my friends really enjoy action, nice humor and advanced technology in movies. Gwyneth Paltrow is still Gwyneth, still beautiful and I still fall for her charms in the movie. Jeff Bridges shows his versatility as he eventually comes out as the villain. At first I thought he looked familiar, then after a while I realized It was him and was amazed by this new look. Terence Howard also gave a good account of himself as came out as Mr Irony man. He always came out with Ironic statements to save the day for the US Military weapons division.

The only advice I can give is that "Don't do this at home!"
Also, did you know that Samuel L. Jackson is also in this movie? A must see.

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