Saturday, April 21, 2018

STI West Negros blows out STI College Caloocan

 Rookie Forward Aldave Canoy scores two points

In the STI National Basketball Tournament National Finals there are no sure wins, you have to bleed for every point and as much as possible play good defense to create that separation you need to win the game. STI West Negros University just did that and they were rewarded with a victory over the STI College Caloocan 93 – 62. 

 Basti Berceno takes a shot

STI College Caloocan fought with STI West Negros Univesity on equal footing in the first half. STI Caloocan’s signature pressure defense was in display and the team from Bacolod had a hard time figuring it out. The West Negros offense was in disarray and nothing was being achieved. Unlucky for the West Negros that most of their undergoal stabs were rimming out. Add to that the nine turnovers that STI College Caloocan took advantage of by scoring 10 points.
Solomon scores on the fastbreak

After STI West Negros regrouped, Renz Solomon and John Pastias carried their teams together and ignited a 32 – 24 run that more than snuffed out life from STI College Caloocan. As a result the West Negros team zoomed ahead and never looked back. The bench of STI West Negros outplayed their counterparts as the team form Bacolod had a 24 – 5 edge in bench points. STI WNU would later on add to their lead and come out with the final score with 31 more points to spare. They now face the Global City team for the top spot in Group B.

Adjie scores on the follow up

The STI West Negros win virtually shut the door for STI College Caloocan to advance to the elite top 4 of the tournament. Their march to the top was quelled yesterday after their first win in the tournament got away from them. They will meet STI College Las Pinas to determine the third placed team in their group. This is the third year that both teams made it to the National finals.

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