Tuesday, April 24, 2018

STI College Santa Rosa cops third

STI College Santa Rosa
STI NBT 2nd Runner-up

In one weekend, STI College Santa Rosa lost the top seeding in Group A and eventually lost its title. In their last game of the season the Laguna based squad quickly recovered their broken pieces and beat STI College Global City 94 - 83 to get third place of the STI National Basketball Tournament which was held at the Eusebio H. Tanco Gym in STI College Ortigas-Cainta.

Aliparo for three!!! 
This phrase will always be part of the NBT 

In his last game in the STI NBT, one of the leagues most prolific scorers, June Aliparo scattered 17 points as he went 3 for 9 beyond the arc in what is most probably his most relaxed game considering that the past two games all his defenders were literally in his face. Aliparo was last year's MVP and two time Mythical 5 selectee. The league will miss all his booming threes and clutch plays that has become his signature and who could forget his 37 point explosion in the Finals last year.
Tabudlong will be a big part of Global City's future

On the other side of the fence, also playing his last game was 2015 Mythical 5 selectee and part of the 2015 STI College Global City Champion team, Mike Sampurna scored 23 points in his farewell game. Although he led the charge of mostly with mostly newbies backing him up, he is confident that his team's time will come as he leaves his team of rookies with great hopes and good advices on how to get to the top.

Mike Sampurna's legendary acts will always be remembered in the NBT

Usually, the battle for third is a game without emotion. Teams that play are the ones that emotionally played their hearts out during the cross-over semifinals but still fell short. The game was quite like that as both teams just traded runs and baskets for the first half. The first quarter ended with both teams tied 19 - all. When the first half ended both teams were still tied at 40 - all.

Kent Fabic soars for this one

In the third quarter, STI College Santa Rosa finally made their move and their vaunted offense went full throttle. June Aliparo hit three jumpers, two free throws and two three pointers to score 14 points in the quarter and fuel the Santa Rosa offense that had the rest of the team contribute. Rookie Airon Lugar, who will most probably be next year's go to guy, also added four points in this quarter.

Airon Lugar will be returning next year 
to lead STI College Santa Rosa

STI College Global City staged a comeback in the fourth quarter but was quite half-baked and was easily quelled by the former champs. In the end, the more experienced team prevailed over the young guns. And like what they say, teams don't lose, but only learn from other teams and eventually try to mirror their success. Congrats to both teams for a season well played.

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