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The Blessing of the Jesuit Health & Wellness Center

The Jesuit Health & Wellness Center

Five years ago our High School batch was preparing for our Silver Jubilee, we were listing down beneficiaries to which our efforts will go after the said Silver Jubilee. Our batch, Ateneo High School 1987 came out with so many ideas. The funny thing was that we were quite low on funds considering that we had to raise around two million pesos to run the annual homecoming and were worried that there won't be anything more left for our beneficiaries.

Photo ops with Fr. Mario  Francisco S. J

Through the efforts of my batch mates AA Aquino and AA Legarda, they spearheaded what we call the Jesuit Infirmary Project. Our core group then composed of Rufi Parpan, Dino Tanjuatco, Jacob Divino, Dong Feliciano, Dondi Narciso, Mike Rotea, Ricky Bello, Manch Carpio, Ronald Ledesma, Noel Garcia, Poopie Estrella and Dan Soliven just followed their lead.

Fr. Herb Schneider S.J. hosting the inauguration

I remember getting an email in 2009 from my Ateneo e-groups and it elaborated the sad state of the Jesuits staying at the Ateneo Jesuit Infirmary.  Fr. Assandas Balchand, then the Jesuit Prefect for Health, spearheaded efforts to raise money by talking to various alumni and most of his former students to be able to sustain the care of the Jesuit priests in the infirmary.  As they say what can one man do to make a difference?

Mr. Ramon S. Ang & Fr. Jett Villarin S.J sharing some stories

Maybe the Jesuits are truly blessed because after a few years their prayers were answered. After a few meetings spearheaded by the Ateneo HS 1987 Jubilarian class, San Miguel Corporation President Ramon S. Ang (RSA) agreed to shoulder the construction of the Jesuit Infirmary.  

Fr. Tony Moreno & RSA unveil the marker

The project which eventually yielded millions and millions of pesos was a donation that RSA made to the institution where he entrusted most of his children. Today, the Jesuit Health and Wellness Center is now a reality thanks to Mr. Ang. One man can truly make a difference. 

  RSA also gave thanks

During the feast of St. Ignatius mass at the Ateneo High School covered courts Fr. Tony Moreno S.J, the Jesuit Provincial Superior, announced  Mr. Ramon S. Ang’s generous offering and called him and his family on stage. The ground breaking was held on December 2013. Construction of the Jesuit infirmary began January of 2014 and was set to be completed by January 2015.  

AA Legarda of AHS 87 spoke of RSA's generosity 

Unfortunately, there were so many problems that the project encountered as Fr. Tony said. One of the most debated problem then was the West Valley Fault in which the building was directly sitting on. As I said, probably the delay was the fault of the fault – a double fault. 

Do you remember them?

Eventually the Jesuits found their way around the problems and just this morning the 38 -room, four storey building was blessed and is now "Jesuit ready." The Jesuits taught me a lot especially when I was actively participating in the Days with The Lord and that was why I was so happy that this project came to be.  

AHS 87 with Fr. Florencio Cuerquis S.J

This project came to fruition because of God’s divine grace and a perfect example that when we put our minds together we can make the impossible become possible. Our thanks again to RSA, Jun Dalandan and also to Ms. Jane Llanes who has been there helping us in making sure that one man can truly make a difference.

AHS 87 with RSA & Jun Dalandan

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