Monday, July 25, 2016

A July Solstice

Took a pic passing by

I had a meeting at 8 Rockwell Building which was near the Power Plant Mall. First I was amazed at the security measures of the building since they gave me back my ID after scanning it. They eventually gave me a card that I had to swipe going in and swipe again for the elevators.   Great security. After our meeting I was asked to join my prospective event sponsors for lunch at Solstice which was at the ground floor of their building.

These are my Salad Days

It was unfortunate that I was running late for another meeting so I had to eat and run once the food was served. In the little time that I was in the restaurant I was amazed at one of the owners who greeted us and called on the waiter to assist us in our needs.

A little heavy on the belly

A quick look at their menu showed that they their appetizers plenty of diverse food namely Beef Salpicao, Chilean Black Mussels, Avocado Supreme and Swiss Cheese Fondue. Instead of the appetizers I went for the Caeasar’s Salad with its crisp romaine and crispy bacon. 

The Chicken was very tasty

I didn’t go for the soup either but got the Pomodoro Pasta and we also settled for the Garlic Shrimp Pizza. I wanted to eat light since I was going to another meeting in Laguna and didn’t want to go there stuffed. My lunch mate ordered their Chicken Dish and after a few minutes I hit it off. It’s so nice to be treated for lunch especially when you are in a rush.

Delicious Shrimp in the Pizza

The name Solstice is derived from the astronomical transitions that happens in June and December. For their full menu check out the Blog Our Awesome Planet where you can check every detail of what they serve. For me on a simple Tuesday this day in July, I was just passing by and admired what i had for lunch.

photos were taken from my Samsung phone

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