Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 3 - STI NYC in Metro Manila

The STI College Caloocan Chorale Society sing the Prayer of St. Francis during the singing of the Invocation Hymn at the Aliw Theatre

The Stage Group of STI College Global City simultaneously perform the Invocation Hymn at the Star Theatre

STI Education Services Group Vice-President of Communications, Mr. Elbert L. de Guzman welcomes the Business Management delegates at the Aliw Theatre

STI Education Services Group Senior School Administrator, Ms. Jennifer Morales - Manarang welcomes the Travel and Hospitality Management delegates at the Star Theatre.

Bro. Velden Lim returns to the Metro Manila NYC to give Business Management tips on how to become Innovative

Ms. Tinette Cortes was the talk of the town, imagine talking to Travel and Hospitality Management students about their industry and then shifting to Business talk with the Business Management students in the afternoon. Truly an NYC record.

For the first time, STIers heard the one of a kind style of Michael Angelo Lobrin that gained lots of praises from STIers

Despite his busy schedule, Arun Gogna dropped by to give Business Management students an advice or two on how to rise and become an innovator. 

Joey Ayala sings his heart out then explains his innovations in the Music industry

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