Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2016 STI NBT Day1 Luzon 2 action: Santa Rosa beats Marikina


STI College Santa Rosa opened the 2016 National Basketball Tournament season with a big win over STI College Marikina 90 – 41.  Coming off a forgettable 2015 season, the Laguna based Santa Rosa squad is a team on a mission this year. Their core guards are back while their frontline are all beefed up for the Santa Rosa team to get back to the top of STI Basketball. 

Leading the way in their 49 point win was last year’s mythical 5 selectees, June Aliparo and Robert Guerrero who chipped in 21 and 19 points respectively.  Ably supporting them is bull strong rookie John Mark Adato who muscled his way to score 13 points and lead point guard Jhon Brianth Ursua who scored mostly on drives to the basket.

The Laguna based Santa Rosa team was like a well-oiled machine as they pummeled their opponents from start to finish and just like that they barely looked like they sweated.  After the first quarter, the Marikina team scored just 2 points, and to make matter worse gave up 35 more points in the second quarter. The game was quite beyond recall by the third quarter as the Laguna team raced to a 46 point lead.

STI College Marikina was led by the duo of Jethro Riosa and John Harold Rivera who both chipped in 11 points apiece. Team Marikina eventually burst the bubble in the fourth quarter as they scored 22 points after scoring only 19 in the first three quarters.  It was a rousing start for STI College Santa Rosa team as their newcomers blended well to complement their veterans. 

Aliparo 21, Guerrero 19, Adato 13, Ursua 11, Romualdo 7, Hercia Jes. 6, Hercia Jer. 4, Fabic 4, Lizen 2, Romero 0, Fudotan 0, Ibarra 0,

Riosa 11, Rivera 11, Mendoza 9, de Gracia 6, Floreta 2, Lorenzo 2, Cayosa 0, Custodio 0, Bonza 0, Isip 0,
Quarter Scores:  17 – 2, 52 – 10, 65 – 19, 90 - 41


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