Monday, May 30, 2011

Last chance for a Vacation

Dinner at Mang Inasal

As they say, work hard then reward yourself. Well this summer that came to play as I planned one final weekend get away before the real work comes again. This time the destination was the Island Paradise of Boracay. The last time I was in Boracay was purely work related and just had a chance to unwind but never really enjoyed as much as one does when you are on vacation.

Arrival at Caticlan

What really got me excited was the fact that my sister Elaiza also booked a vacation to Boracay together with six other kids. Elaiza's two kids Josh and Marc were there and so was half of my brothers kids namely Louie, Bujoy and this year's graduate Janis.

Goofing around D'Mall

I am just happy that we found a way to have the kids in Boracay and I am just lucky that me and my friends also planned to be there on the same weekend. My sister and I talked that hopefully next year, with my other sister back in Manila we can have most of the kids join us in a vacation there.

Bujoy's Henna Tatoo

The kids even got Henna Tatoos. Kudos to my sister who planned and even bankrolled most of the expenses for this. In the end, even if you spend a lot you will eventually realize that what is important is that the kids are happy and the experience they had will remain in their minds. I mentioned to my sister, they are lucky to have gotten this kind of vacation considering when we were kids, seeing the dirty beaches of Cavite was enough to give us a high. Here's to seeing Boracay with my family next year.

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