Monday, May 30, 2011

Gina Lopez graces STI Grad rites

Last October I blogged about the Run for Pasig River which was a major event spearheaded by the ABS-CBN foundation. If there was one person who was responsible in making that event a monumental success it would have to be the foundation's managing director Gina Lopez. I remember watching an Ateneo - La Salle game and seeing her talking during halftime inviting everyone to run for pasig. Same goes with the opening of the 10th NAASCU. All her efforts were rewarded since the Run for Pasig event is now in the Guinness book of World Records with 116,086 runners.

Just lately her new project is NO TO MINING in PALAWAN wherein her group needs 10 million signatures to be able to pass a petition and make a difference in lives of Palawe├▒os. As she said, the foreigners take away the minerals while the Filipinos are left to suffer because of the effect of mining in Palawan. The project was launched last february and has reached 1,117,903 signatures as of today. It will only be a matter of time when they reach the signatures needed to put a stop to mining in Palawan, known as the Philippines last ecological frontier.

Gina talked about many things but stressed on five key points. First is the simple truth that Life is not easy so make it a challenge. It's the truth and something we should always consider. Next is a commitment to Integrity, compassion and sense of reflectiveness to be able to see what is wrong with thyself. She also said that we should make each situation may it be good or bad an opportunity to grow. Live healthy and do not desecrate the environment which she is now pushing.

One of the most important thing she shared to the STI graduates is the thought to never think you are small. This message is very apt to graduating STIers who are content with whatever comes their way and will just fade away in the background. She said that by doing that we are accepting mediocrity and not enhancing our true potential to become what we dream of. Truly a remarkable lady, her insights will forever be embedded in the hearts of our STI graduates. Congratualtions graduates and good luck.

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