Sunday, May 15, 2011

Junior Olympians beat RP Women's

Akward was the word to sum up what the STI College Junior Olympians felt when they faced the RP Women’s Team in the Fr. Martin’s Cup. The Junior Olympians finally poured it on in the third quarter to beat the Lady Nationals 101- 67. Ranged against former queens of the UAAP the Junior Olympians battled the Women Nationals on equal footing as Ewon Arayi, Diane Jose, Au Adriano, Jo Gloriani and Cassy Tioseco kept the Nationals in the game with their timely hits and accurate shooting. The half ended with the Junior Olympians on top by two 39-37.

In the second half, third year guard Eric Sanchez continued his hot shooting as he scored at will by sinking six consecutive three pointers to lead all scorers with 30 points. The Junior Olympians followed his lead by unleashing their paralyzing full court press by forcing the Lady Nationals to turnovers that they converted to precious points. Then the points started piling up until the game was already beyond recall. It was the third win of the Junior Olympians.

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