Thursday, September 4, 2008

Basketball Crazy goes International

Just tonight we were informed that the Makisig Network has partnered with the TFC network which means that the show will be seen in different places in the Globe. Luckily most of our guests were foreigners.


Both these players were drafted by Talk and Text as the team of MVP has just struck Gold with the variety of players they got from the draft.

Jarred started the ball rolling by informing us that he was scouted in one of his games in the US while playing of the University of Hawaii, their team was not given much choice when they played Illinois. In that game, Jarred was the hero and he led his team beat that Illinois team that many thought were going to bury them. Jarred played for the Pampanga Buddies in the Liga Pilipinas and was the second pick overall taken in this year’s draft.

Rob Reyes on the other hand was already enrolled in La Salle Greenhills but opted to finish his studies abroad. Rob has an uncle who played for La Salle Greenhills, became a Blue Eagle and eventually played for Mobiline in the PBA, that is no other than Eric Reyes. Rob, said he was asked by Eric to play for the Blue Eagles, but since what was going for him abroad is okay then he opted to stay there. Rob played for Harbour Centre and was picked 4th by the Talk and Text Phone pals.


Gold’s Gymn personal trainer Joseph Manzano was one of our guests who dropped by to demonstrate different styles or ways to stretch before playing basketball. To spice up things Joseph was with two Brazilian Gold’s Gym endorsers and models Camilla and Genie. I honestly do not know what really transpired during the calisthenics portions since my eyes were on the two beauties. Whoever thought of this portion is a genius and I believe should be commended. For me this is by far the best episode. The Two girls laughed their hearts out on the very handsome emcee – me! Ahem.


Gigi Gonzales and Manny Bocaling who hail from Ateneo and La Salle respectively were our last set of guests as the two gentlemen politely laid down their cards on both the Ateneo and DLSU side. The boosters were there to perk up the show in preparation for the Ateneo vs. La Salle game on Saturday. I for one got to ask Manny why the name Gang Green came to be. Well as he said, it was actually what Ateneans branded them so just to shut up the Ateneans, they rallied their green forces and used the name so that the Ateneans wouldn’t have any more names to call them. Bottomline they have transposed something negative into something positive and add to that a rallying point. Both teams obviously predicted victories by their squads.

The show ended with Joe eating pizza with siling labuyo on it! He was the first to bet so he choose Ateneo over La Salle. Lets just wait and see.

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