Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Basketball Crazy Episode 8


The futures league was crafted so that in the future the grassroots level of basketball in the country will improve. Led by former Ateneo PE Teacher Nino Cinco, the league is very developmental and seeks to expose kids to basketball at an early stage in their lives. The Futures basketball league has just expanded to other parts of the country namely Bacolod and Cebu. The league is hopeful that they will be able to give basketball clinics in the future so that kids will have improved basketball basics. Remember, the big universities in Manila are very successful because most of their students have sound fundamentals.

Gold’s Gym also had some parts in the show as one of their personal trainers, Justin Senturias demonstrated how to improve your jumping ability. He was ably supported by three models, Olga, Veronica and Adrian who all showed the finer things in exercising. I myself learned a lot from the excercising, but honestly speaking the gurls distracted me.


Tracy used to be a courtside reporter for UE which makes her know James.  Joe and I felt a little bit naughty this night which made us tease James and Tracy with each other. Tracy was quite uneasy knowing that James had a jealous girlfriend which made us tease her more. Anyway, James was a former San Beda Red Cub just like Coach Dindo Pumaren and he was quite surprised that Coach Dindo personally approached him and recruited him to join the UE Red Warriors. James said that at most times Coach Dindo is quite hard on him since he himself used to be a good point guard and he knows the position well.  Since the show aired before the final four we asked James who they want to meet in case they go into the finals, he said DLSU because they feel that they have a score to settle with the Green Archers. Unfortunately, they got booted out.


 The first time I saw Dondon play was in the MBA with which he played for the CEBU Gems. He said that his coach then, Tonichi Yturri, helped him polish his game in order for him to improve his shooting and other facets of his game. That improvement made him get a slot at the Tanduay team where he played when the MBA folded. Dondon said that if he is faced with a bad shooting night he tries to do other things like pass the ball, rebound or drive to the hoop so that it can hopefully change his shooting woes.  Dondon is a single father and he is very happy with his son Isaiah who he hopes will play also when he grows up.  

Jonas on the other hand was also from San Beda and then went to the USA. Eventually he found himself in the FEU Tamaraws lair and sat down two years since he graduated from the USA. Being with the beermen he said he is quite lucky since he has two great point guards who school him and help him with his game. Talking about Olsen Racela and Mike Cortez, he definitely has learned a lot from these two point guards.

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