Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ms. Bikini Phils 2014 Winners

The 29 Lovely Contestants 
in their Bikinis

The Contestants donning their National Costumes

The Scintillating Hot Beauties in their barely there bikinis

#25 Diana Mackey was a 
delight for the sponsors

Hazel Ortiz was winner of 
best in Creative Posing

Winners of Special Awards

An inspiring intermission number
from James Wright

Tom Rodriguez serenades 
the contestants

The Contestants in their
 formal wear

Last year's 2nd runner - up 
Ms. Rose Turner

Hazel Ortiz shows em how

A glimpse of the creative posing competition

Sheryn Regis sings "Let it Go!"

The winners
Hazel Ortiz - Ms. Bikini Philippines
Jessica Arqueza - 1st Runner-up
Roshiel Asingua 
- 2nd Runner-up

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