Sunday, May 18, 2014

King Chef Seafood Restaurant in Lucky Chinatown Mall

I am not much a fan of Chinese Food. But since I tag along with a lot of my friends who have the knack for Chinese food, I suddenly developed a sense of enjoying dimsums and six to ten course meals depending on what is on the menu. At the same time, i eventually got to enjoy eating steamed food which is something that Chinese cooks have shared with us Filipinos. In celebrating Mother's Day, I told my mom that we will celebrate a week after so that there won't be much people. This morning we started our day at the Binondo Church and had lunch at the nearby mall Lucky Chinatown Mall to check out this superb Chinese Seafood Restaurant - King Chef.

Located at the second floor of the Lucky Chinatown mall in Binondo, Manila, King Chef Seafood Restaurant is actually one of the branches of the resto that is in Banawe Quezon City.  What I particularly like about ordering Chinese food is that they usually have small, medium and large servings depending on your budget and how many you want to eat. Your budget can range from P 500-P 800 per head depending on the mix of food you will order per serving. Let me just put here what we ordered and share the King Chef experience.

Even when I was already at home I was still dreaming of their Fried Lapu - Lapu in Mango Sauce. I particularly liked the Mango Sauce which was similar to the taste of Thai mango sauces. I would recommend that if ever you eat here that you include this and it will definitely make you want to have more.

That's me, Rising with up with the Rice.  As you can see, the restaurant can accommodate big groups with seats ranging from two to 10 seats in a table. I liked the way that the restaurant isn't cramped which is something i hate about other restaurants.

Going back to the food, this is an all time favorite that defines Chinese food, the Seaweed with Century egg. This is my favorite appetizer as opposed to the usual cold cuts.  I liked the seaweeds which was quite spicy and thick.

For the main course, I have always liked the steam white chicken complete with the ginger sauce. This order did not disappoint and was its freshness which was very evident. 

Another  favorite of mine is their Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs. As seen here in this picture, you can already imagine how this good dish tastes. The pork is so crunchy and sumptuous I almost forgot to take a picture before eating it .

This is one dish that will definitely make you eat more rice. The crispiness of the pork is one of a kind and the spices and herbs that were combined makes the dish all the more delicious.

This time, instead of getting the usual vegetables we got the Beef with brocolli with the greens as our veggies. The dish is so juicy that it didn't last long and were eventually at the bottom of our bellies in no time.  Other meals on the menu I forgot to order is their Sauteed Suahe with Green Tea leaves, the Peking duck and Shao Long Pao. 

The place is very clean as seen in this table shot. They also have big VIP rooms for birthdays or other celebrations. King Chef is definitely one of the best, if not the best, in serving authentic Cantonese Cuisine in the country. Lastly, service was quick and the waiters were very accommodating, courteous and pay attention to your needs which is for me an important mix of having good meals and good people. This is definitely one restaurant worth going back to.  Truly the food here is really fit for a king. 

King Chef Seafood restaurant as I mentioned is located at the 2nd Floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall. The Mall is at the corner of Reina Regente and La Chambre streets in Binondo Manila.  Their contact numbers are 720-8594, 720-9062, 466-5765.  To know more about King Chef check out their website and their facebook site. 

Much thanks to my good friend Spanky Enriquez for allowing us to enjoy the best Chinese/Cantonese cuisine I have ever tasted. Hats off to you Spanky.

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