Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inside Paciano Rizal's House

The tomb of Don Paciano Rizal
As mentioned by his great grandson
the bones of three of his sisters are also
resting in peace there

A view of the front of the house

Facsimile Copies of
The Noli me Tangere 
and El Filibusterismo

Yours truly showing respect 

One of the appliances
an old television

Dr. Jose Rizal

Pictures of Paciano Rizal's Grandsons
being interviewed

A very nice painting

Jose Rizal's last letter to his dear brother

House plans of the former Nipa Hut
of Gen. Paciano Rizal (1903 -1926)

A souvenir frame from 
the Philippine Postal Corporation

Binoculars used by Gen. Rizal
during the 1896- 1898 Revolution

The Facsimile Copy of the Noli Me Tangere

Another view of the table

Shoes of Gen. Paciano Rizal


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