Thursday, April 17, 2014

Estrella de Mendoza, San Juan Batangas

Located at San Juan Batangas, Estrella de Mendoza is the STI Education Services Group's destination for the 2014 summer outing which is usually Holy Monday to Wednesday during Holy week.

Here is a panoramic view of the pool and the beach. Most of my officemates also enjoyed the free banana boat ride given by the resort.

The group was treated to sumptuous meals 
and great accommodation.I particularly liked 
the second night dinner at the beach front. Eating Chicken BBQ is my kind of meal.

The pool was so inviting and big that even a company outing like ours will have ample time to swim and relax.

YES you can also have a chance to get Henna Tatoo and other things available within the beach.

Volleyball has been gaining ground in the country and beach volleyball is also a fun way to have in the afternoon if the tides are low.

One of the best areas to take a picture is at the beach front with the hotel clearly visible at the back.

Jump shots are always the best pictures to get while on the beach.

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