Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

There are times that things get into my mind and I don't know what to do. Just like now, here are some random thoughts about the UAAP.
  • Nico Salva bailed us out in many games that is why he is our hero. The Salva-Bida!
  • Art dela Cruz Jr. is one tough player who always plays 100%. As his kapampangan friends would say..he is all Art.
  • Whenever Coach Pido Jarencio calls out Jeric Teng from the bench he always sings "I dont wanna close my eyes...Coz I miss you baby and I don't wanna miss a Teng!"

  • Some things to think about, Coach Castro is not a man he is a boy, Monfort on the other hand is not a boy, he is a man, JP is not a goat he is Erram!
  • Cocoy Hermosisima sports a chicken like hair-do… he is blaming his mother about it…Cocoy Hair mo sisi ma.
  • What is the best guard – center tandem of the Blue Eagles? Jumbo Escueta and Emman One-Fort

  • Whenever Frank Golla gets the rebound he usually looks for either Eman monfort or Kirk Long. He never passes the ball to anyone. That’s Frank - straight to the point.
  • Jan where are you going…am going to call my mother..Ok Coach, Jan will Colina.
  • Kirk Long will be coming out with his latest line of colognes for basketball players named Kirk CoLogne

  • Jens Knuttel didn’t call out the play so Pipo Nondou did nothing and eventually lost the ball…..They say that Jens “No Tell so Pipo None Do!”.
  • Eric Camson is always late so whenever coach Leo asks where he is they all answer Eric will come soon.
  • There is always a void in the Tigers defense because of their center Carmelo Afuang…there is always afuang in the middle.

  • RR Garcia told rookie sensation Terrence Romeo to change his hairdo into something similar to him. This made the headlines with RR saying “Romeo must Dye!”
  • Lastly..we will be waiting soon for the Ateneo four-peat which we can call the Buena-Four! Antay antay lang.

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