Monday, October 18, 2010

Another year

My HS Barkada and Mama

When I was a little boy up to my teen age years I was always excited whenever the day of my birthday comes. It was the time that I was always all smiles and had a certain swagger because I was the center of attention. That time I really enjoyed getting so much attention and during my birthday, it was always a week of getting greetings and gifts. I would always tell everyone that it was my most important day and I was a happy moment to get greeted.

My Ateneo friends

In the 90's I used to host parties at my house for more than a hundred people. I always prayed that It wouldn't rain because most of my guests were in front of my house on the street. Back then we did not have a lot of neighbors that is why my parties would last until 5 am with more than 21 cases of beer and 10 bottles of hard liquor consumed. My party came to be known as Mhel's Octoberfest as it became the Mecca of my friends from Ateneo , St. Scho and PSBA.

Mhel's gurls

Times change, the last drinking party I hosted was the rain drained party of mine in 2001. After that I deferred from having parties for various reasons. Last year, my fortieth birthday fell on Sunday and I asked some close friends to come along and celebrate that important day of my life. The setting was simple and it was a time to bond with my closest friends.

My top 5

Since last year's lunch party was successful, I did again this year by inviting my closest friends a select group of 30 people who I enjoy hanging out with from Ateneo and from the office. I have outgrown the drinking marathons and drink till you drop parties and settled for a simple Sunday get together. I have turned into a simple person who just wants to be with friends on my birthday, some people who have celebrated with me through the years and some who I managed to be close with the past few years.

My favorite gift

My life has endured many ups and downs and I am just happy that inspite all of the imperfections it has, I am still blessed by the Lord. As I move on to another Year I thank the Lord for all the friends I have gained who are my only treasure and excited for the others I will have in the future. I pray that the next year will yield more blessings and happy moments with my family.

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