Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mhel's Gurls

When puberty was upon me, I was just like any teen-ager who was shy to talk to the opposite sex since I came from an exclusive all boys High School. But because of countless soirees and parties I eventually overcame my fear of talking to girls and came out as someone adored and respected by a lot. From High school to College, to my St. Scho friends, and now STI family I have always been a ladies man. Here are some friends from my party who are with me most of the time this year.

The Voluptuous
and Generous Mina

The Dependable Des

The Charming
but Reluctant Shy Girl

The very thoughtful Krisvi

The Wonderfully Dazzling

The Sultry & Always Sexy
Zyanya "Always"

The Apple of my Eye,
Apple D.

The Stunning & Bodacious RJ

The Gorgeous & Vivacious Ivhy

The Sweet & Sultry Temptress

The Classy and Ethereal Cathy

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