Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Eagles back in the finals

The Adamson Falcons point guards are one of the best in the UAAP as the sharp shooting Lester Alvarez leads the pack and Jerrick Cañada follows his lead in making sure that the Falcons are flying the skies with the greatest of ease. Unfortunately for the duo, two falcons could not match up with the smallest eagle from the Ateneo- Emman Monfort. The combined efforts of Alvarez and Cañada is 13 pts, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 0 steals, while Monfort scored 22 pts on 3 added 7 rebounds, three assists and three steals. The former Ateneo de Iloilo star went three for three from beyond the arc, four of six from two point distance and five of six from the free throw line to lead the Ateneo Blue Eagles back to the finals with a masterful 68 – 55 win against the Adamson Falcons.

Eman is the man

Both teams were gearing up for another tight game and both teams were pumped up to at the start of the game with the Falcons getting a 5 -2 lead after Lester Alvarez canned a three pointer. After that the Blue Eagles went to work and Monfort ignited a 14 – 0 blast to tie the count and then eventually give the Blue Eagles 11 more unanswered points to give them a 16 – 5 lead until Austin Manyara scored on a jumper with 2 minutes left in the quarter. The Falcons would come back by scoring seven straight points as Roider Cabrera scored on a drive and a three pointer for the Falcons to come closer 12 -16. The Blue Eagles courtesy of Eric Salamat and NIco Salva closed out the quarter to give the Blue Eagles a 22 – 12 lead and control of the game.

Beam me up Scottie

In the second quarter the Falcons came back to life and cut down the Ateneo lead to four after Eric Camson scored on a put back which cut down the Ateneo lead to just four 20 – 24. In the next play Coach Leo Austria’s son Bacon Austria drove through the middle of the court to score on a jack knife bank shot that gave the Eagles a six point lead, that was enough cushion for the Blue Eagles who suddenly exploded on offense. With 4:49 left in the second quarter the Falcons didn’t know what hit them as Eman Monfort converted on a three-pointer from the a pass by Kirk Long. The Blue Eagles then forced a 24 second violation and then Monfort hit another jumper off a Justin Chua screen. Adamson scored on another play and afterwards Monfort converted another three pointer and in the return play it was Eric Salamat who scored his only three pointer to give the Blue Eagles a commanding 37-25 lead.

Frank scores

In the third quarter, Monfort continued his hot shooting as he scored on another three pointer and in another play a tear drop to give the Blue Eagles a commanding 47 – 30 lead. After that shooting assault by Monfort, the Eagles would hold on until the fourth quarter as they limited the Falcons to another 13 point fourth quarter which was just enough for them to squeeze out the win. Lester Alvarez eventually went 2 for 10 from the field and his shooting woes affected the team and the chances of the Falcons to extend the final four series. The Blue Eagles advances to the finals of season 73 and a chance to defend their title. With this convincing win, the Blue Eagles have shown that they can come back big time and more importantly show what their defense can do. Good luck to the Blue Eagles, the Grade school team has won its fourth consecutive SBP Title, the High School team has brought home its third conscutive HS title and now the Seniors are two wins shy of making history. Bring it on.


Monfort 22, Long 13, Salva 11, Escueta 7, Salamat 7, Golla 2, Chua2 Buenafe 2, Austria 2. Dela Cruz 0


Alvarez 11, Stinett 7, Camson 7, Cabrera 7, Manyara 6, COlina 6, Nuyles 4, Lozada 4, Cañada, Galinato 1, Etrone 0

Quarterscores: 22 – 12, 39 – 29, 60 – 42, 68 - 55

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