Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazier the second time around

Another crazy episode came to the boob tube as Basketball Crazy episode 2 filled Makisig 76 with great basketball guests. Again it was Tracy Abad together with Joe Buduan of Gameface with yours truly as one of the co-hosts of the event. Now let me give you what transpired in the interviews.

Coach Eric Bañes and Mon Jose

Most of the viewers were probably asking who the hell is Eric Bañes? Well we know Mon Jose as one of the major players in the DLSU four-peat and Coach of the DLSU women’s team. Eric on the other hand started out as an assistant to Coach Franz Pumaren and then later on went to invest in his basketball education that eventually landed him a VIP slot in the Lebron James Camp early this month as a guest of Boston Celtics assistant Coach Kevin Eastman. Eric was in the US for five weeks and in that time he participated in numerous workshops that earned him a license as a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association based in Colorado Springs. Coach Eric mentioned that he wants to bring what he experienced in the US to the Philippines and hopefully train young Filipino athletes and then bring the first Filipino to join the LeBron James camp and have the chance to be scouted by Division I schools abroad. Hopefully they can set this up by September of this year Good Luck to Coach Eric and Mon on their dream and who knows, the first Filipino NBA player might just be playing in your back yard. Do watch out for additional details on this camp.

Allan Caidic and Paul Artadi

Allan Caidic is a class act! During the interview he showed his versatility as he can go from basketball commentator to basketball crazy. The crazy interview started with Allan relating the Ginebra team coming together as a team and coming back from a 0-5 win – loss card to enter the finals via 4 – 0 win over the Red Bull Barakos. On the other hand Paul Artadi also narrated that when he was with the Purefoods team he was not really fit in the system of Coach Ryan Gregorio but felt that the Ginebra team really helped him resuscitate his career. Artadi said that Coach Allan helped him improve his shooting which eventually paved the way for his all important three-pointer in their Sunday game.
Both guests were Alumni of the UE Warriors and Allan even narrated that his duels with UST Coach Pido Jarencio were really memorable and that what both of them really wanted was to basically help their team win. Allan and Paul players gave great advises and wished the current players of their alma mater the best and as Allan Caidic said “That’s why we are Warriors, we always fight!” The interview ended with Allan showing his book about his life entitled "My Life" which is now available in National Bookstore. He also signed a Triggerman basketball which he gave as a souvenir to the Basketball Crazy team. Its been more than a decade since he last played but we are still in awe with the Triggerman.

The show ended with me eating a sushi with a filled with wasabe after losing a bet with Joe Buduan on the three games that we placed on the table. Joe got two out of three, Air 21 over Magnolia and JRU over Mapua while my only win came after the FEU over UE win. Next stop Basketball Crazy will have some of the players from either the Air 21 team or Magnolia team whoever wins and hopefully some guests from the San Beda Red Lions. So just stay tuned and remember that “Life’s a Ball so just shoot and score.”

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