Thursday, July 17, 2008

ARE YOU BASKETBALL CRAZY? – your online portal for Philippine Hardcore basketball, has been the place where hardcore basketball fanatics meet and talk about everything concerning Philippine Basketball. I have come to be a regular member of the Gameface forums and believe it or not I get most of the fresh news in the forums here.

Mhel Garrido aka Bill Kosme together with
Tracy Abad and Joe Buduan

SKycable ‘s Makisig 76, a cable channel whose shows are mostly about horses or horse races is now aggressive in venturing to other programs most specially sports programs. The President of Makisig 76 is Jack Ruby who himself is crazy about the game of basketball fan since he himself worked in the PBA once.

Mhel Garrido is also known as Bill Kosme,
The Philippines' answer to Bill Cosby

You know what brought these two companies together? Obviously the game most Filipinos love - Basketball. The fusion of resources of Gameface and Makisig eventually led to a basketball show named HARBOUR CENTRE BASKETBALL CRAZY. Like all Filipinos we are crazy about basketball, may it be the inter-barangay tournaments in which I believe a lot of us joined, or the intramurals, and even alumni tournaments. That is why in the Philippines, Basketball shows are always welcome because of the wealth of basketball stories around the country. There are so many leagues and mini leagues that it really depends on what you talk about or zero in and the content will follow. Lately the hottest news in Philippine Basketball evolves aroudnt the UAAP, NCAA, PBA, PBL and NBA. Other leagues might be talked about and I believe hardcore Gameface regulars would also want their voices heard.

Former UAAP Courtside reporter from UEa
And is a DJ for Gem 88.3
The Gorgeous Tracy Abad

Makisig Network President, Jack Ruby, further acknowledged, "This new Basketball Show will definitely be for the hardcore fans of the game with a unique non-traditional twist of reportage, analysis, and features only Bill Cosme, Tracy Abad, and Joe Buduan can deliver. This will also showcase Makisig's full support and commitment to the number one sport in the country.”'s very own and
Basketbolista Editor in chief
Joe Buduan

"This is yet another wonderful development not just for Makisig and Gameface but more so for every one who loves the game of basketball. HARBOUR CENTRE BASKETBALL CRAZY is sure to become one of those shows you will never want to miss," declared Henry Abes, President and Chief Executive Officer of, The Philippines' First and Only Media Portal For Hardcore Basketball. "We are very proud of our new partnership with Makisig 76 and we hope to bring all the fans the same kind of high quality basketball discussions and topics you've gotten used to online."

HARBOUR CENTRE Basketball Crazy will air on Makisig 76 starting on July 21, 2008 at 10PM. Hope to see all you hard court fans in its initial telecast.

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