Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boradise: Its raining men

It was the perfect vacation because i slept the whole afternoon and watched television until dinner time. If my friends did not call me for dinner I would have stayed indoors. It was raining the whole day so it was cold and easy to go to bed. The only thing unfortunate was that it was in Boracay where rain and staying inside the hotel is kinda uncommon. Well, at least the rest was well deserved since the primary purpose of my stay there was relaxation.

The only thing that made our trip worthwile was seeing the pre- Ati Atihan parade done at the beach front the morning after. The sun was finally out and so were bikini clad foreigners who finally surfaced together with the eagle eyed paparazzi's like me. It was fortunate that we were part of the parade of i think almost a thousand locals and employees of various restaurants and groups in the island paradise.

Whatever transpired during the weekend, for me being in Boracay alone is enough to relax, take pictures and enjoy the sun, rain and people who are there. Till the next bora sojourn. I hope i will have a longer time outside our hotel coz with three other room mates its definitely raining men.

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