Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Bestfriend's Wedding

It’s been almost ten years ago when it all started. Through the Days with the Lord I met this nice young woman who was always smiling and laughing at my jokes. Our friendship started through marathon phone calls and eventually I got to know his then suitor and eventual boyfriend who also became a good friend of mine. What made our friendship better was my inclusion to their barkada. By the time they were Juniors at the UST College of Fine Arts I was like their big brother who provided the laughs and happy moments to their barkada. For me it was like having a new barkada all together but this time everything dwelled on clean fun. Meeting and going out with young friends was something new that broke the monotony of the pressures of selling Toyota Vehicles then. Denise together with Louise, Joy, Xavier, Paul, Gelo, AK and a bunch of their other friends brightened my weekends and more importantly added another perspective to my life. Denise and I shared lots of fun times, many happy moments and countless stories that strengthened our friendship. I would frequent their house and also enjoy being with her equally fun loving sisters Joline & Tamille. The fun in their compound never really stops since her cousins Angelica & Chesca who are also Dazers frequently join us and as they say the more the merrier. The experience was like being a college student again. Tito Tom and Tita Jing suddenly had another son since I was practically at their house every time there is a get together. It was also at that time that they became happy that they did not have a son when they saw me eat. When I moved to work at STI suddenly we had less time together. The fact is I devoted almost 80% of my time to my work and was less visible to ALL my friends. Occasionally we would see each other just to update on what’s going on in our lives. Last night I scolded her, “Why did you get married ahead of me?” Well I believe she is ready and I know that she is in good hands with her husband Justinn. By January Engineer Justinn will be going to New Zealand to lay down the foundations of their family. Like what Denise said, I hope that by her 28th birthday she will be able to follow there so that they can start their family rightaway. To my best friend and her husband – Best Wishes and Good luck and I hope the Lord will continue to bless both of you.

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