Thursday, March 31, 2016

Commuting to Universal Studios

For a change, we decided to commute via the Singapore Mass Rail Transit (MRT) and Cable Car to Universal Studios instead of going there via taxi. In doing that we learned that the Singapore MRT system has more than a hundred stations and lines. But when you get the hang of it, its quite easy to understand.

We had a 15 - 20 minute walk from our hotel the Orchard Hotel Singapore. The weather was nice for walking and I had many stops because it was quite hard for me to walk for almost a kilometer going to the MRT Station. 

After walking endlessly, we finally found the Orchard Station of the MRT. Luckily they had a mall beneath the at the street complete with working escalators.

Had to wait for a while as my sister bought the tickets for us.

My sister buying the tickets through a kiosk. Note that it took her almost five minutes to get the tickets since there were no long cues in getting tickets.

This is a sight to behold, we never thought we can sit down considering that comparing this one to the MRT in Manila which is always full.

From the Orchard Station we took the North South line and went down at Dthe Dhoby Gaut station. Then we transferred to the North East line Dhoby Gaut station enroute to the Harbour Front Station. We walked again to the next building to ride a cable car to Sentosa.

After alighting at the Harbour Front Station, we walked once again to the city's most unique hilltop destination - Faber Peak Singapore. At the lobby of the building we bought our tickets at SG$29.

Eight people can fit inside a cable car. I think if we have something like this in the Philippines, most cable cars would carry 10 - 12 passengers with some sitting at the laps of the others. Just like what we say in the Philippines, "Punuan, Kalong Kalong, upong walong piso po!" 

After that ride, we changed cable cars as we went down the Mount Faber Line station to change cars.

The second set of cable cars at the Sentosa Station are colored and looks cool.

Upon alighting the Cable Car you will be greeted by the biggest Merlion in Singapore which is 37 meters tall.

Going to Universal Studios we walked around the Sentosa Island and passed by the Lake of Dreams

We passed by a lot of directional signs and walked and walked and walked 

Finally, the last sign going to Universal Studios. After turning right you can see the Universal Studios Globe. We must've walked at least 8,000 steps to reach our destination.

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