Saturday, December 12, 2015

Naga City Convention ends on a high note

STI Students from the Bicol Region show their enthusiasm prior to the STI National Youth Convention at Naga City.

STI College Naga students interpret the Invocation Hymn.

STI College Naga Academic Head Carlo Calleja welcomes all delegates to the STI National Youth Convention. 

IdeaSpace Ventures Head Dustin Masancay shares his experience with company start-ups and even called up students to demonstarte how "Improv" works.

Microsoft's John Paul Sibug discussed productivity tools that can aid everyone in their everyday needs. Microsoft's Hololens was a big hit for the STI students attending the event.

As an Innovator himself, Dr. Ricky Bunag shares how he used his meager resources in building a one of a kind machine.

 Consult Asia Global Solutions Managing Director Ms. Tinette Cortes shares her story on how she built her character and what helped her become who she is today in her field of expertise.

Whether it be print, or through various talks or even in television, Spanky Enriquez's vast experience in the Hospitality Industry were instrumental in giving STIers another angle on Innovating in the Travel and Hospitality Industry.

John Velden Lim capped the day with his one of a kind explanation why Innovation can help each and every STI student become succesful in the future in the Travel and Hospitality Industry.

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