Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Staycation

I attended the Manila Dream Trip of the Travel Group that i joined. There were 110 people who joined while me and my companion were the only Filipinos. There were several Koreans, Indonesians, Indians and 80 percent of the group were Chinese. For me it was somewhat a staycation this Christmas season but had a side trip along the way.

This is the Church inside Villa Escudero which was turned into a museum. They were actually strict in having people take pictures inside since most of the artifacts inside are priceless and are centuries old. They have transformed the Church into a museum.

Of course I invited my partner in crime along Rothz de Lima to join me in this rare trip to Villa Escudero. Since Rothz is from Sta. Cruz Laguna, Villa Esccudero is just a stone's throw away from her home.

It was something worth remembering considering the fact that i met so many people in this trip and became the pseudo tour guide coz i am the man from Manila. As of this writing, I am already excited for my next trip.

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