Sunday, June 21, 2015

OMG - A Thanksgiving Comedy Show

The best way to describe the Feast Alabang is that it is a happy place. Feast builder Bro. Arun Gogna makes sure that most of the people in the Feast Alabang are fed with the good word of the Lord and just recently with laughter. Bro. Arun together with his wife Dra. Lallaine Lucas-Gogna held a fund raiser entitled OMG a thanksgiving comedy concert. The funds will be used for the upgrading of the equipment being used for the feast alabang.

Bro. Reginald Lim aka Mr. Wee Kee 

I have been friends with Dra. Lally since high school and eventually met Bro. Arun when we were in College. It was great serving the Lord with Bro. Arun back then. But since they were in Parañaque and I lived in Q.C, it was quite hard to serve the Better Living community of the Days with the Lord during that time.  God would eventually make our paths cross last year when Bro. Arun helped me in one of our events and now I am returning the favor. I am quite happy to be a part of this event because it has reinvigorated my life and being with such happy people in the Feast, made me happy once again.

 That's me, the Real Aga Muhlach

When I first visited the Feast Alabang with my mom and nephew last June 7, 2015 I think the Lord rekindled his spirit in me and made it stronger. I was so excited for the OMG event to come and meet the people of the Feast Alabang. I was so overwhelmed with the warmth and kindness of all the people I met there. Funny thing was that Bro. Arun and Dra. Lally did not even introduce anyone, everyone introduced themselves, everyone was so friendly.

Caloi Licup and JM de Ramos

Then came the event. The Lord did wonders as almost everyone left the place laughing out loud and the generosity of the people from the Feast Alabang is unmatched.  I also enjoyed watching everyone perform from the emcees Francis Miranda and Veia Lim and their interview with Mr. Wee Kee, played by Bro. Reginald Lim. The two young stand-up comedians JM de Ramos and Caloi Licup were also impressive and the home shopping network gig with Bro. Arun, Bro. Velden, Bro. Jonathan Yogawin, Bro. James Nicolas, and Bro. Mike Viñas was a sight to behold.

The Hosts with the awesome 5 
during the Shopping Network Portion of the event

I was also happy that the Lord touched my mind and used me to bring laughter to the people of the Feast Alabang. I was a guest, I never knew the people and what made them laugh. That was why in a way I was nervous but after praying with the team, I gave everything to the Lord and he was in command all evening. I ended my portion with the song "Thanking Out Loud." I liked the message of the song and the crowd appreciated it too.  I am just very thankful that I was part of this one of a kind event. My thanks to Bro. Arun, Dra. Lally and the rest of the people form the Feast Alabang.

Final portion of the event
a Thanksgiving song

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