Saturday, June 7, 2014

The foundation that Z-Builders Built

Here's the mag featuring Eugene's house
by Z- Builders

It’s that time of year again when the rains are slowly getting more frequent and it’s also the time when building structures and houses are put to the test after being heated up by the summer sun. Some structures are sturdy and durable but as they say even well-constructed homes or buildings fade out, rust, decay and eventually look awful and unappealing. Even we ourselves need some rejuvenation when we are stressed or go through rough times – bottomline all things go through the same rejuvenation process.   One day the roofs of our houses will crack, our buildings will fade and there will be a need some sort of a renovation either in our office or at home.

A glimpse of a home 

Z- Builders is a construction company that specializes on various construction jobs and are here to give you quality AND affordable construction services.  Sometimes word of mouth is a good source of marketing and most often the most compelling reason for them to get convinced is the background of the company being endorsed.  Z- Builders just recently came out of YES magazine via a testimonial of comedienne Eugene Domingo’s whose house was featured in that magazine.

Direk Andoy Ranay's Residence

They have been there, done that and more importantly did all of that at affordable prices. Let me give you a list of services that they can perform:

Commercial – residential interior renovation
Commercial – residential exterior renovation
Paint jobs
Masonry Jobs
Electrical Jobs
Carpentry works
Steel Fabrication
CCTV Installation
Structured Cabling 

Sample kitchen

Just like a menu of things that they can do, Z-Builders is led by Romeo Zamuco Jr. whose experience has brought in clients from different fields like doing a celebrity house for Eugene Domingo and Angelica Panganiban, the Sanctuario de San Jose Church in Greenhills and even restaurants namely the Melting Pot Restaurant in San Juan and the Tipple and Slaw restaurant at the Fort. Their experience and expertise in a variety of creating the perfect place for you is unmatched.

Inside the Tipple & Slaw Restaurant

So if you are interested, you can call their landline 02 -9355628, text them 0915- 7207949, 0917- 9455657, 0921-2536993 or email them at  Now since each job is different from another, Z-Builders Is willing to do an ocular inspection and eventually create a suitable quote of the job you need to be done may it be a renovation, creation of your dream house or simply restoration, remodeling or redecorating of your office, business or residence. 

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