Saturday, June 14, 2014

10 Reasons why an F1 Hotel Staycation is enjoyable

Staycation is a term popularized by the Americans and during the past years have been gaining popularity in the country. I don't know if it's because the vacation spots are too crowdy, too far or too uncomfortable to stay in that's why staycations came to be. One of the very convenient Staycations is getting your family or some friends to a nice hotel in the city. F1 Hotel Manila is a one of the hotels that prides itself with giving great experiences and staycations that are definitely worth experiencing. Here are my 10 reasons why an F1 Hotel Manila staycation is quite enjoyable.

FIRST: ACCESSIBILITY.  F1 Hotel Manila is at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. The hotel is in front of S&R and St. Lukes Hospital and just a stone's throw away from Starbucks and Bonifacio High street. So what more can you ask for. Everything you need you can get, buy or do because the Hotel is accessible to almost anything you need. 

SECOND - PARKING: Of course parking is an important ingredient for a Staycation. Hotel guests need not pay any parking fee for their stay. In this day and age, its so hard to find a place where parking is not a problem.

THIRD: FREE WIFI! This was the post i placed in my Instagram account when we started our afternoon at the hotel. I did not have any problem posting this picture because the FREE WIFI in the whole hotel is so strong. (with emphasis on the FREE) I honestly pity those hotels that use WIFI to generate added income. They don't know that sometimes people like me would pick a hotel because of the Free Wifi. 

FOURTH: SPACIOUS ROOMS: Its best to get their Fort Suite which has a master's bedroom and a living room. The sofa shown here is a sofa bed so that means you can actually have more people with you. Depending on who you will be with, family or friends, the great space can be handy in doing many things.

FIFTH: COOL AIR CONDITIONING: For me, one of the most if not the most important thing in a Hotel room is that is should have a very cool air conditioner. I have been to other hotels that needed reconditioning of their air condition and honestly the moment I checked in I already wanted to check out. Good Air conditioning means great staycationing.

SIXTH: COMFORTABLE BEDS: King sized beds are always a thing of beauty. These beds can have three comfortable people sleeping on it like we did and the bed can still squeeze up to 4 if you have kids. As mentioned, the couch outside the room has a pull-out bed that can easily have two more people sleeping. More people means more fun.

SEVENTH: COMPLETE BATHROOM AMENITIES - I am always amazed with the sight of robes in hotel rooms. It is a sign that the hotel wants its guests to relax in their comfortable undergarments. Aside from the strong shower, the bathroom amenities can be part of what you can include in your hotel collections. Yeah yeah, guys please don't be a hypocrite, all of us enjoy taking home the soap, shampoo and all other amenities that every hotel gives us. But please do leave the robes behind.

EIGHTH: SWIMMING POOL - Remember, a Staycation is incomplete without a dip in the pool.  The hotel has three pools, a lap pool for people who are on the go and enjoy swimming as a form of their exercise and two other pools. The other pools are for someone like me who just wants to take a dip, hang around and just enjoy getting wet and take pictures.

NINTH: ADDED AMENITIES - the IPOD/IPHONE PLAYER. Not your usual Ipod player, it is complete with speakers so party time can be done and if you want to relax to beautiful music, there is no need for head phones, you can listen to nice music as always.

TENTH: ALL DAY BUFFET:  Most of the famous hotels have their own signature restaurants and the F All day Dining restaurant is also something one can enjoy all day buffet.  All day buffet alone says it all, as they say save the best for last which is their food.

There are other amenities readily available like the Gym and the Wellness Spa which I unfortunately skipped. The heck I didn't even mention the two television sets our room has since I am not a television person or the ready broadband cable for your laptop. These other things can be an added bonus to the ten I mentioned in this blog.  There are actually a hundred and one reasons to enjoy your staycation at F1 Hotel Manila, but for me the 10 that I mentioned are more than enough.

Again many thanks to F1 Hotel Manila and to my good friend Spanky Enriquez for this wonderful opportunity for an unforgettable Independence day Staycation. As I mentioned, me and my friends had a great staycation and I will definitely remember this hotel for as they say F1 Hotel Manila is the home of happy experiences.

F1 Hotel Manila
32nd Street
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, 1634

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