Saturday, March 8, 2014

19th STI NYC in Puerto Princesa Highlights

Hazel Ferrera 
of STI College Puerto Princesa
sings the Invocation Hymn

STI College Puerto Princesa's 
Deputy School Administrator
Mr. Rally Advincula 
Welcomes the delegates

Kenner Castro is this year's host
of the 19th STI NYC 
in Puerto Princesa

Mr. Spanky Enriquez talks about 
the 3 S's of Social Media, 
Style, Substance and Significance

STI College Puerto Princesa hearthrob Elry Abear 
sings a song in this 
intermission number

Mr. Sonnie Santos says
"Do unto others what you want
them to do unto you!"

The STI College Puerto Princesa dancers energize the crowd

Mr. Edwin Ebreo says that 
you have to seek out opportunities and not wait for them

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