Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Benchingkode - AHS '87 marks 25th year

click picture to see the BENCHINGKODE video

The theme of the Ateneo Alumni Homecoming for 2012 is The (Last) Ateneo Homecoming.  This theme is an end of the world celebration which is derived from the single most talked about phenomenon that is about to happen in the year 2012 - the end of the world.  This teaser shows various clips which eventually ends in a party at the Ateneo High School covered courts. The story actually comes from the Mayans creating a book which is called "The Benchingkode." The book contains the prophecies of the Mayans which includes the end of the world on December 21, 2012.  The book was passed on from generation to generation which was eventually transferred into a USB which was found at the sword of St. Ignatius. After seeing the contents of the USB, a text and call blast was made to members of AHS 1987 to call up every Atenean to go to the AHS Covered Courts which will be the last remaining frontier when the world ends. 

A familiar naughty tradition

Everyone is tasked to bring his own end of the world gadget or something that you would definitely bring when the world ends.  The story line is very timely and it makes us ask ourselves - are we ready for the end of the world?  Whether you are ready or not, come to the Ateneo Alumni Homecoming on December 8, 2012. If there is one thing that we will guarantee is that you will have all the fun in the world and as we say let's party like there's no "toMAYA!" See you at the Ateneo Alumni homecoming Ateneo High School Covered Courts 6:00 pm.

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