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Ateneo Alumni Homecoming - a journey of brotherhood

AHS 1987 - the SIlver Jubilarians

You have to give it to the Ateneo.  Even after High School they teach you things that you have never done before through an event and eventually you the experience you encounter makes you wiser and gives you a better perspective on a lot of things.  Being an Atenean has its twist and turns while being a student but the lessons we have learned in mounting the annual Ateneo Alumni homecoming has made an impact in my life and  in the lives of the other council members who are the representatives of each class.

 My class 4-E 1987

As hosts of the annual Ateneo Alumni Homecoming, our batch had a three to four year head start immediately after our Grade school batch reached 25 years. Unfortunately, nothing happened and it was only in September of last year that the batch eventually went down to talk and line up things to raise the proposed 2 Million pesos to mount the event.  As they say the start is always the hardest as me and my batchmates laid down plans on how to raise the 2 million and eventually get some amount of money to give to the Tulong Dunong Foundation. 

Mass at the GESU

Twenty five years is a long time to be out of each others reach and a lot has really changed with regards to the attitude, personality and orientation of most of us all.  There were many disagreements, problems  and most of all frustrations in dealing with every project we lined up but what made the event succesful was our common agreement to give it all to our beneficiary.  It was moot and academic that the tulong dunong foundation would benefit from us but a more noble cause was the support that the Jesuit infirmary would get from us.

Two classmates Fr. Joey Faylona and Fr. Amang Garcia
concelebrate the mass with Fr. Jett Villarin

The only investment we had was our time and effort and the last one a half years we, the council members, devoted a lot for this worthy cause witht he most trying time barely a month before the event. What we discovered was that a little miscommunication will really rock the boat. But one thing fine about it is was that we discovered that we can admit if we committed a mistake and humbly accept it – we acted like Ateneans.

Me and my co-hosts 

Jed Montero and Given Teves

This homecoming was much more than seeing classmates and batchmates who I spent 16  of my first 21 years of my life with.  It was a journey to solidify bonds that were started when we were young, bonds that became stronger with each time we were together, bonds transformed us from friends to brothers. Happy 25th Anniversary Ateneo High School 1987, I am what I am because of you!

Fun with a capital F

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