Wednesday, April 20, 2011


at the Batangas Port

The beauty of this year’s company outing of the STI Education Services group is that it’s in one of best places to go to in summer – Puerto Galera. Months back I was suppose to pass up the opportunity to go to the summer outing mainly because I am bored with the happenings. When I learned it was going to be in Puerto Galera I suddenly changed my mind because this is my first time to explore the place.

Jade, Diane and Shy

Puerto Galera is a town in the northeast coast of the island of Mindoro. Before going to Puerto Galera by land is a cool four to five hours but now because of the new South Luzon Expressway linkage to the STAR tollway the trip from Makati to the Batangas port is one and a half hours maximum without traffic. Toll at the end of the South Luzon Tollway is Php 151.00 and then there’s another Php 21.00 for the extension and Php 60.00 for the STAR Tollway.

Buying Pasalubong

During the outing we were given an allowance for our meals so that whatever we want to eat we can since the place is loaded with affordable restaurants. Team STI was billeted at the the Marco Vincent Dive Resort hotel which was a nice place to chill since they had nice rooms and accommodating people. Just like last year I shied away from all the snorkeling and trekking and opted to stay in my room to relax and sleep. As I said I was on vacation.

Diane and the Pogi

In the first night I spent most of my time with my female friends and my new fave friend Rothz de Lima was also there to cheer me up not only in the evening but also through the whole Tuesday. We had breakfast together and spent most of the afternoon and evening together. I am just lucky that I found someone who was also there to relax so we hang out together. In the evening other friends joined us for a night cap.

Just lookin around

The next day was fun time again going back as mah gurls RJ Marasigan, Diane Babaylon, Mina Consignado, Shy Bringino, Des Quibral, Jade Reyes and Always Cruz joined me as we trekked back to Manila. We left the place at 12 noon, arrived at Batangas Port at 1:30 pm and my vehicle was returned to me by Mr Edgar Diamante with whom I left my vehicle with for the amount of P600. Rest assured I will be back to relax at Puerto Galera.

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