Monday, April 18, 2011

Kulasa get together again

L-R Gil & Mae, Aga, Gabby & Tammy, Jack & Gladys

When I was in Singapore Gladys Guevara and I went out for dinner and talked about some stuff about her life in Singapore. I am happy to know that she is in the country and with her American boyfriend Jack Moran. Tammy Mananzan-Dyliacco sent me a text message inviting me for dinner with Gladys and Jack. I am just so happy that the day they requested to meet up was on an evening that I am available.

While Gladys and Gab were counselling,

we talked about Gladys & Jack

We had dinner at Fely J’s restaurang in Greenbelt 5. Gladys suggested Filipino food since I believe she is dying to eat some authentic recipes here in the country since she has been out for a long time. The food and the conversations were great since I have not seen the group for the longest time. Tammy and Gladys were not at Baba's wedding reception last November so it made me miss them more. Here's to the next get together.

The Fern Salad was good

The Dilis Rice was
the least of my worries

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