Friday, December 31, 2010

STI College Olympians Volleyball Team Building

The STI College Olympians Volleyball teams have many good individual players but is still lacking on the chemistry side. The composition of the Men's Team should be able to spring a few surprises while the Women's team have their own concerns to worry about. In an effort to be able to build chemistry one has to be familiar with each other and eventually trust each other in the process. In comes the team building sessions to be able to develop and infuse the aforementioned components.

The STI College Olympians Volleyball Men's and Women's travelled to Los BaƱos Laguna for their first Team Building session. The goal was to be able to bond with each other and more importantly eliminate the small groups and clicks and become ONE TEAM. Admittedly the two teams are still far from that but as they say this can be the starting point.

For starters the Men's team who has lots of HRM students took care of the grilling of the food while the girls took care of the preparation of the tables, utensils and plates and other stuff. Coach Philip Salaysay facilitated the exact division of rice, liempo and other stuff to be able to have a nice boodle fight. After dinner we had some games that pitted the guys and the gals. It was nothing much but it helped the two teams know other details of their team mates.

The evening ended with some R & R with singing and enjoying each others company. We just hope that the bonds that were made in this Team Building will help each and everyone develop a good sense of chemistry that is needed to be able to create a fighting team. Go Olympians.

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