Friday, December 24, 2010

Blast from the past: Soul Cake

Soul Cake by STING

We always have different tales to tell during Christmas and usually the ones that are very dear to us are the ones that involved lots of people, merry making, and at times good deeds. Back in 1987 I was a College freshman in the Ateneo and was into many groups, but the group that I enjoyed being with are my Days with the Lord brothers who invited me to join a Choir organized by the one and only Basil Valdez. Basil was already past his prime then but he was still a top celebrity and respected one at that. Owing to the fact that he also joined the Days with the Lord back in his time he made this group to help finance a scholarship program he set up. He had 26 scholars then as I remember. I honestly cannot remember all the members of the 1987 group but let me try to list some names. Sam Baharias, Ed Valmorida, Glenn Bernardo, Bogey Cabrera, John Gwynn, Gerry Sison, Teody Alcantara, Mon Santana, Cesar Santana, Arnie Bohol, Glenn Pantig, Jed Pantig, Neil Bernardo, and most importantly our choir master who taught us Ed Nepomuceno. The group sang for prominent families namely Jose Mari Chan, the late Helen Vela and the megastar Sharon Cuneta. We raised around 117k total for the project.

Hey Ho Nobody Home

As I reflect and miss those great times I chanced upon this video by Sting from one of the songs taught to us. It is only now that I know that one of the songs we sang then was an Irish song. My only regret is not having pictures of the many happy moments we shared during that Christmas, most probably one of the happiest I have ever had.

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trying to find an old friend i went to school in new mexico, usa with called glenn bernardo, he turns up in one of your blog entries. did you know him? I hear he died/ Thanks for any info you might have. Melanie