Thursday, July 29, 2010

10th NAASCU Season Preview: LSB & STI

2 Years and 2 3rd place finish
not bad for Coach Kerwin McCoy and his Sharks


9TH SEASON: 3rd Place, lost to SSC-R in a rubber match in the final four

Beat 8th Season Runner up STI College for 3rd Place

HEAD COACH: Kerwin McCoy, 3rd Year as Head Coach in the NAASCU


Billy Ray Labadan, Arvee Valencia, Jommel Bilog, Mark Ignacio, Richard Velasco


Jessie James Collado, Raymund Ellano, Cezar Carey, Aron Bote, Vergel Baydo, Jayson Espinelli, Max Fuentebella, Steven Carter, Jovelo Postrado


Reynaldo Buenaflor, Robert Remorin, Lester Javier, Dhonn Ronquillo , Brad Johnson, Raniel Rosales, Armando Villarin, Anjo Torres, Ian Castillo, Armando TImpog, Mark Manalili


Jessie James Collado was the sole reason why the Shark’s attack was hard to contain. He towered over the whole NAASCU and everything passed through his offense and defense. Now that era is over and the Sharks are quite rebuilding with a blend of unproven veterans and promising rookies. Look for Coach Kerwin McCoy to pound the inside with his patented shark attack


This year Billy Ray Ladaban, Arvee Valencia and Richard Velasco are out to lead the Sharks back to see and improve on their third place finish. This is the second year that they have finished third and they are hoping that they are ready to go the distance. The only drawback for the Sharks is that they have 11 new faces which gives them more time to gel. They are hoping that they gel in the course of the tournament. Look for their two Filams (Dhonn Ronquillo and Brad Johnson) to contribute right away. This year they are rebuilding and might experience rough sailing this year.

Jerald Bautista is out to lead the Olympians


2009 record: Fourth, lost to UM in Final Four, lost to Lyceum in battle for 3rd


Jerald Bautista, Norman Ihalas, Maclean Sabellina, Bryan Daguplo, Jebson Carl Po, Cedric Ablaza, Paolo Villadoz, Lester Bocablo,


Nicolo Alcantara, Storm Riva, Abegail Chavez, Jasper Melano, Rama Krisna Morales, Hessed Gabo, Ivan Moreno, Henri Atanga-Betayene


Martin Antonio, Macky Macabasco, Thomas Washington, Raffy Waminal, Mark Orias, Renz Cruz, Vergilio Cariño, Jen Reyes

Head coach: Vic Ycasiano (7th Season)


The Olympians lacked solid point guard play last year as veteran guard Macky Macabasco’s season was a let down. Back up point guard Renz Cruz did an adequate job of leading the team and but had his share of rookie mistakes.

This year, the Olympians are back with four different point guards to lead the team. RK Morales is the team’s do it all point guard while Nico Alcantara is the scorer. Fresh from High School are two run and gun type of point guards in Storm Riva and Hessed Gabo. Look for great point guard play for the Olympians in the coming years.

Aside from that, the Olympians have four to five sturdy forwards who can man the slot and play solid defense. Add to that the 6-6 Cameroon import Henri Atanga-Betayene who is a demon in defense and adequate on offense. He will definitely dictated the defensive rhythm of the NAASCU.


2009 NAASCU Mythical 5 selectee Jerald Bautista is one of two selectees who is back this season and he is ready to own the NAASCU once again. Now the veterans of the team, Norman Ihalas, Bryan Daguplo and Maclean Sabellina will show the way for their youngsters to improve and their team to peak during the final four enroute to the finals.

If the Olympians do not win the championship then it will be a big disappointment for the them this season. They are complete in every position and look for them to dominate this season.

2009 NAASCU Mythical Team
Jerald Bautista (STI), John Matubang (UM)
Dr. Jay Adalem, Atty. Ernesto delos Santos,
Jessie James Collado (LSB), Kris Lucernas (SSC),Jhun Gracillas (SSC)

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